Nothing can be more important than protecting your rights to parent your child, both in terms of your parenting time and your input into the important decisions in your child’s life. At the same time, nothing can be more agonizing than battling for those rights in a courtroom. In New York, custody and visitation are determined by the “best interests of the child”, a far-reaching standard that can encompass almost anything bearing on a child’s welfare. Effective attorneys must thoroughly understand cutting-edge legal and psychological issues in the area of custody and be able to marshal them at trial and in settlement negotiations. To guide clients successfully through a custody settlement or trial, attorneys must also be highly sensitive to their clients’ emotions and the effects of the divorce process on their children. Through her multi-faceted skills and experience, Pat is committed to achieving favorable results for her clients in all aspects of custody and visitation matters, including relocation and grandparents’ rights by settlement or through trial if necessary.