A thought-provoking, option-packed guide on how to Recognize, Prevent, Terminate and Survive an encounter with Relationship Abuse and Domestic Violence. Contains a new and unique approach to an old and confounding problem and is packed with positive, time-tested tactics and new strategies for survival.

This Guide offers a crash course on self-preservation. A Must-Have for: Victims of abuse and their loved ones, Criminal justice personnel, social service workers, and all those who may be called upon to act as counselors.

The Table of Contents consists of:

Part One: RELATIONSHIPS – After an informative Orientation, you’ll be given a helpful lesson on the Recognition of abusive tendencies in both new and established relationships, followed by a concise discourse on Prevention techniques.

Part Two: ABUSE BEGINS – For those persons beyond the benefits of early recognition and prevention, we shall focus on Victimization, along with civil and criminal Legislation and the Origination of procedural issues relating to the court system.

Part Three: HELP AVAILABLE – At a certain point in an abusive relationship, Protection is required, Intervention becomes necessary, and Representation is advisable.

Part Four: HELP ARRIVES – In serious or persistent cases of abuse, a police investigation may result in the Apprehension of the abuser and Prosecution through the court. We’ll guide you through the “system.”

Part Five: TIME FOR CLOSURE – Chapters on Diversion, Incarceration and Rehabilitation reveal how the ‘system’ can benefit the abused and the abuser by ending the violence.

Part Six: TURNING POINT – Conciliation may be an option in limited cases. We’ll explain. Termination, and its stay-go dilemma, is discussed in careful detail. Recuperation, our concluding chapter, can be your gateway to ultimate survival.

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