Even after a divorce decree or legal separation agreement has been signed, many times, the agreement or decree does not signal the end of the conflict or of the negotiations, particularly where custody, support and visitation are involved.

Unfortunately, ex-spouses and parents often violate their obligations to pay child support or maintenance, or to divide property. In such cases, effective legal representation can make the difference between successfully enforcing a party’s rights to support and property or allowing scofflaws to flout their obligations. The Law Office of Patricia A. Sokolich brings broad expertise and zeal to securing compliance with her client’s rights.

Enforcement can be time consuming and expensive. Pat works with her clients, whenever possible, to create arrangements that are self-enforcing. Where that is not possible, or where her client has an uncooperative ex-spouse, she works to create arrangements using trade-offs to get money or other arrangements up front rather than on a continuing basis which may require ongoing cooperation of the ex-spouse.

Custody, visitation and support arrangements may need to be modified even after a divorce has been finalized. Some examples include one parent who wants to relocate, requiring changes in the visitation schedule and arrangements or a parent who fails to pay the agreed upon sums for child support or spousal maintenance. With today’s changing economic climate, many spouses are seeking a modification of a support agreement or award based upon a change in circumstances.